Mr. Nizamuddin Siddique


Being a sixth generation coffee planter, after his graduation from Bangalore university , He had a vision and moved out of his comfort zone and ventured into real estate and started a firm “Land links” in Bangalore. A very well-known real estate company. He had a knack of picking up properties in various parts of the country which appreciated many folds.

An avid traveller, With his experience in real estate , he ventured out into hospitality. A par excellent entrepreneur, it was easy for him to manage the additional work load with over four decades of experience into hospitality, He was instrumental in creating a boutique Resorts called “Woodstock Resorts”.

He is also the chairman of ALG crescent education society in Coorg, Which is a charitable institute.

Mr Nizam is also the current president of BMJB Which looks into community development which is an NGO.

Mr Nizam is also a founder member and the treasurer of Indian Nawayath Forum (INF).

Mr Nizam is a founder of the brand Big Cup Café which has many outlets in India & UAE.

Mr Nizam has been an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs.
Last but not the least, he is into various philanthropic initiatives.

Mr. Shamveel Nizam


Upon completion of his degree in Business Management, Shamveel ventured into hospitality business and since then, there has been no turning back.

Shamveel developed his entrepreneurial flair in (year 1998) while working as a trainee in one of prestigious hotels in Bangalore. After which, he pursued a career in his family run Plantation business, eventually spearheading along with other partners in homestay known as Honeypot Homes. A seventh generation coffee-planter with an expertise of over two decades in coffee plantation and a committed coffee enthusiastic, Shamveel travelled to Florence, Italy in 2016 to complete (SCA certified course in Coffee Sensory, Roasting, Brewing and Barista). Post this, Big Cup Speciality cafe in Coorg was started- which today has various franchises both in India and in UAE.

Being an avid traveller and foodie, he seeks inspiration from both his own experience as a customer and constructive discussions with other industry professionals. His goal to strive for perfection and progress combined with his optimism and warm smile makes him an invincible leader, motivator and mentor to his team and acquaintances. He owes his illustrious career of 21+ years in agriculture, e-commerce, hospitality, marketing and research to his persistent efforts and family support. Committed to employing the sustainable environmental and ecological practices in technology and operational processes, Shamveel strives for service excellence. He aims to expand his hospitality sector further and exploring different dimensions in the field.

He is also passionate about tech, floriculture and sports such as cricket, table tennis and badminton (with an accolade of being highest ranked Sportsperson of the year in UPASI!).


Mr. Sheeban Nizam


A qualified Commerce and Management graduate, Sheeban is a high-touch professional known for his extensive market knowledge and his unmatched devotion to clients.

His profound expertise in the extensive fields of banking and real estate along with his hands-on experience as the Managing Director for a restaurant called Beyond China a Chinese and Thai cuisine in Bangalore added various dimensions such as revenue management, strategic advisor, detailed analyses and data breakdowns related to hospitality, into his ever-growing skills. Being a seventh generation coffee-planter and joining the bandwagon of his family business of Plantation In coorg , he further reinvigorated into hospitality with the goal of providing high-class amenities and rewarding experience par excellence to guests. Strong believer of "Adversity has its glory moments", an adept Sheeban approaches management in hospitality sector with precision, creativity and exciting insights.

Sheeban’s thriving success and flourishing career in a Real Estate firm Landlinks for 20 years is based exclusively on his well-connected professional networks across various industries, positive referrals from his satisfied clients and his resilient hardworking nature.

In his spare time, Sheeban loves to read about businesses & global personalities, thus, he remains forefront on all trends, news and updates happening worldwide.

A sports enthusiast, he has played league cricket in the Karnataka State Cricket Association for over 13 years and is good in snooker.

Being an avid adventurer, he loves trekking, biking and excursions. As someone who lives to travel, he has a penchant for story-telling and never hesitate to share his wisdom, along with enlightening ideas, personal thoughts and humorous stories. Yet, he has embraced a well-planned work-life balance as he believes quality family time should never be compromised.

He being an active participant in community welfare, he has hosted several community events.